The Integrity

The Integrity
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  • Manufacturer: ZZT Sports
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We have done it! We took two of our most popular paddles and conjoined them!

Introducing the Integrity! This paddle has the POP and rigidness of our Contour, but the control of the EVO! I’ve always kind of joked that building paddles is not rocket surgery, but it turns out that it is. 

Like the EVO, the Integrity is constructed with an aluminum honeycomb core and fiberglass facings. But, we’ve added a grippy Aero-Veil finish.

The aluminum honeycomb frame is; hard-hitting, light, and incredibly strong.  Coming in at .40 of an inch thick, the alloy aluminum honeycomb core is fatigue and corrosion resistant.  It has high impact strength as well as being shock resistance. It also offers the best strength-to-weight ratio available. Now, this is a paddle we can stand behind with our Lifetime Warranty*.

Paired with a durable heat shrunk edge-guard, the Gamma Contour Grip (Redliner) absorbs excess moisture while providing a comfortable, long lasting grip. The handle is 4.50 inches in circumference.



Aluminum Honeycomb 



Fiberglass with Aero-Veil finish



7.75 ounces



16 inches



7.85 inches



4.50 inches in circumference






The Integrity is perfect for everyone! 

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