Slim Pickin's MVP Plus (Maximum Value Paddle)

Slim Pickin's MVP Plus (Maximum Value Paddle)
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  • Item #: 17033
  • Manufacturer: ZZT Sports
  • Cannot ship to: Canada

Once upon a time, there was the perfect pickleball paddle. It was the original plain white paddle that had a simple label in the handle neck. Then one day, unannounced, the formula was changed. Overnight, the perfect paddle became the same inferior paddle everyone else had. Thus, leaving us with the MVP (Maximum Value Paddle). AKA - the expendable paddle.

The MVP pickleball paddle is the evil twin to the EVO I, and was the demise of the original EVO line. (This is not the same material that is being used in our awesome new EVO Basic.)

Tthe MVP does play pretty well, just like the original EVO. And the best part… it’s cheap!

What makes it a Plus? It's larger than the MVP by a 1/2 inch in the head.  

We are going to just give you the facts;

  1. We will not offer a guarantee on the paddle frame. We know it will dent if you; paddle bump, hit something hard with it, drop it on something pointy or fall on it. 
  2. We will guarantee the rest of the parts. If the rim gets scraped off or comes loose, we will fix it. 
  3. It can and most certainly will, change colors on you. 
  4. It is lighter and louder than the original perfect EVO line.
  5. It is pending USAPA approval. 
  6. Some are pretty, some do have a cosmetic blemish. Your paddle will be randomly selected.
  7. We will NOT accept returns on these paddles. By purchasing the MVP, it will mean that you agree that this paddle is yours forever.

This paddle is still great for new players, an extra paddle for guest, or to have for the kids/grandchildren. Did we mention it was cheap?

You also have your choice of grips;

Gamma Pro Lite Grip (black) is a cushioned grip that is designed for today’s lighter paddles. This sleek black grip is perforated for additional moisture absorption. The handle is 4.35 inches in circumference with this grip. - Free

Gamma Contour Grip (Redliner) that is ribbed stitched with perforations that increase your gripping ability, while absorbing excess moisture. The handle is 4.45 inches in circumference with this grip. - Free

Gamma Hi-Tech Gel Contour Grip (blue gel) is the thickest grip we offer. The gel inside of this grip helps absorb some of the shock from hitting a ball. The handle is 4.55 inches in circumference with this grip - Add $5.00. 


Core - Alloy Aluminum Honeycomb 
Face - Epoxy impregnated fiberglass
Weight - 7.4 oz - 7.8 oz. 
Height - 15 inches
Width - 7.85 inches
Grip - Depends on grip selection


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