EVO Basic

EVO Basic
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  • Item #: 1701
  • Manufacturer: ZZT Sports

We've been back to the drawing boards on the new EVO Basic and have come up with something pretty spectacular!

We've added more pop and more control. 

The EVO Basic is constructed with an aluminum honeycomb core and is faced with a new inovated layer of fiberglass. 

We then add our signature durable rim and wrap the handle in a premium Gamma Grip.

  • Gamma Pro Lite grip (black) is a cushioned grip that is designed for today’s lighter paddles. This sleek black grip is perforated for additional moisture absorption. The handle is 4.40 inches in circumference with this grip. 

  • Gamma Contour Grip (Redliner) that is ribbed stitched with perforations that increase your gripping ability, while absorbing excess moisture. The handle is 4.50 inches in circumference with this grip. 

  • Gamma Hi-Tech Gel Contour (blue gel) is the thickest grip we offer. The gel inside of this grip helps absorb some of the shock from hitting a ball. The handle is is 4.60 inches in circumference with this grip. 


These paddles are solid and weigh in between 8.5 - 9.2 oz.

Core - Alloy Aluminum Honeycomb 
Face - Fiberglass / Direct Print
Weight - 8.5 oz to 9.2 oz
Height - 15.5 inches
Width - 8 inches
Grip - Depends on grip selected
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