Custom Contour

Custom Contour
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  • Manufacturer: ZZT Sports

Want a picture of Fido on your paddle? Show off the grandchildren? Well now you can put your own image, on a high quality paddle! It's extremely easy. Just send us a high quality digital photo, or you can mail us one, and we will print it right to the Contour paddle frame. (See image stipulations below.)

The Contour is a result of a decade of engineering, testing, and tough play in the real world.  Designed and built by our company because we are driven to build the best paddle possible.  There is a direct link between strength and weight.  The Contour is a rare combination of proven durability and tested weight-to-power ratio. 

This paddle is constructed of a triple layer composite: an aluminum honeycomb core and a unidirectional fiberglass-reinforced epoxy facings.

The aerospace-engineered aluminum honeycomb frame is hard- hitting, ultra-light, and incredibly strong.  The 5052 alloy aluminum honeycomb core is fatigue- and corrosion-resistant.  It has high impact strength as well as shock resistance.  And, it offers the best strength-to-weight ratio available.  The unidirectional fiberglass is then reinforced and bonded to the aluminum core: this eliminates dead spots and core separation, all too common in Aramid fiber (Nomex®) honeycombed paddles.

This quality material comes at a cost since it has limited availability, and it is expensive to manufacture.  These paddles highly sought-after, and they are produced in limited quantities.

You have your choice of grips;

  •  Gamma Pro Lite grip (black) is a cushioned grip that is designed for today’s lighter paddles. This sleek black grip is perforated for additional moisture absorption. The handle is 4.30 inches in circumference with this grip.

  • Gamma Contour Grip (Redliner) that is ribbed stitched with perforations that increase your gripping ability, while absorbing excess moisture. The handle is 4.35 inches in circumference with this grip. 

  • Gamma Hi-Tech Gel Contour (blue gel) is the thickest grip we offer. The gel inside of this grip helps absorb some of the shock from hitting a ball. The handle is 4.55 inches in circumference with this grip. 
Core - Aerospace-Engineered 5052 Alloy Aluminum Honeycomb 
Face - Epoxy impregnated fiberglass
Weight - 7.4 oz to 7.8 oz
Height - 16 inches
Width - 7.85 inches
Grip - Depends on grip selected


Please follow the steps below to complete your order.

  1. Make sure your image size is larger than 640 x 480. (The image cannot be copyrighted and/or trademarked. We reserve the right to deny images and/or logos that do not meet these qualifications. We are also not responsible for images other find inappropriate.) 

  2. Email your picture to (Ensure your; name, phone number and email address, are provided in the email with the image.)

  3. Allow 7 - 10 business days for handling. Up to 3 days for shipping.

  4. Show off your custom paddle!

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